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There Are Ways To Expedite Your Hearing

Expediting a disability hearing is something that many lawyers promise, but cannot possibly deliver. At McKown & Myers, LLP, we never make promises we cannot fulfill.

However, our experience handling claims and representing claimants in hearings cannot be overstated. We do not back down, and we treat every case with the urgency it deserves. Wasting even one minute means another day you will struggle to make ends meet.

You should not suffer simply because you do not receive a hearing in a timely manner. We will fight aggressively to prevent that from happening.

The Key To Speeding Up The Process

It is critical to begin gathering the required documentation as soon as possible to present compelling evidence at the hearing to support your claim. Delays in the reconsideration process or in requesting a disability hearing will obviously result in more waiting. We avoid such delays.

We can also notify the administrative law judge of your hardship and persuade him or her to make your case a priority. We want to be as candid with you as possible. Unfortunately, the reality is that everyone on the list is facing a hardship, so this method is rarely successful.

On the other hand, we can request an on-the-record decision to expedite the process and forgo a full disability hearing.

Does It Help To Petition A Member Of Congress?

People frequently ask us if they should go to their congressional representative with their request to expedite their hearing. While we do not stop people from taking this step, in our decades of practice, we have rarely seen it pay off. Your best bet can be contacting a seasoned Social Security attorney to provide one-on-one assistance.

Lawyers Who Are Dedicated To Your Case

Do you need your hearing expedited? We can tell you the steps to take to make it happen.

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