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Resource Links For VA Disability Claims

Department Of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides special programs to people who have served in the United States armed forces, including veterans who have a disability related to time spent in service.

Eligibility Requirements For A VA Disability Claim

To learn if you are eligible for a disability claim, learn more here. There is detailed information about qualifying for VA disability benefits.

Filing A VA Disability Claim

Learn more about preparing your application for filing a VA disability claim, knowing how to file a claim and understanding what steps you can expect as the VA processes your application.

Illnesses That Appear Within 12 Months Of Discharge

Symptoms related to a condition acquired during service are not always readily apparent. Learn more about filing a disability claim for an illness that shows up within one year of discharge.

Filing For An Increase In VA Disability Compensation

Prepare for and begin the process of requesting additional VA disability compensation.

What If My Claim For VA Disability Compensation Is Denied?

Denial may not be the final decision on your VA disability claim. Find out what you need to appeal and request a review of your application.

Legal Assistance For Veterans Seeking Disability Compensation

Get the support you need for making a VA disability claim. An attorney can help you understand what steps you need to take for your VA disability claim.

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