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Reasons for a Social Security Disability denial

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides important support to disabled Americans. Many of them wouldn't be able to live independent lives if it weren't for this vital financial aid. However, it isn't always easy getting approved for Social Security Disability (SSD). Countless applications are denied every year.

Fortunately, individuals who are initially denied SSD benefits may have have good luck pursuing an appeal. First, before filing such an appeal it's important to understand the how and why the initial application was denied. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • The applicant makes too much money. Those who earn over $940 monthly won't qualify for SSD benefits.
  • The disability is not going to last 12 months or it isn't related to a fatal illness.
  • The disabled person is not following the treatment plan of his or her doctor, and he or she doesn't qualify for the following exemptions from treatment:
    • You can't afford treatment
    • The treatment is against your religion
    • The doctor's prescribed treatment wasn't effective
    • Your mental illness prevents you from following the treatment
  • You didn't submit the medical records requested by the SSA.
  • The SSA hasn't been able to find you.

Your doctor can help you qualify for Social Security disability

In order to qualify for Social Security disability, you need to prove that you have a disabling condition that will prevent you from working for at least a year or that you have a fatal condition. Proving that this is the case may not be entirely easy in all situations. In fact, many people apply for Social Security disability, get denied and have to resubmit with more complete information for another review.

In some cases, if you have a clear diagnosis of one of the Social Security Administration's pre-approved conditions, you can receive an automatic approval into the Social Security disability program. In other cases, if you don't have a pre-approved condition, you'll need to provide evidence and doctors notes explaining what your condition is, why it prevents you from doing your job and how long your disabled or fatal condition is likely to last.

The Social Security disability insurance overview

Age discrimination doesn't exist when it comes to disabilities. Whether you are young or old, you may find yourself disabled and unable to work due to a variety of physical and mental conditions. In fact, one out of every five Americans suffers from a disability and many of them probably live right here in Indiana. That's 56 million people nationwide.

If you and three of your friends are currently in your 20s, one of you will suffer from a disability before you reach retirement age. Where can you turn for financial assistance if that one person is you? You may qualify for Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Common symptoms of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be so detrimental to your health that it is impossible for you to work any longer. However, one of the big problems with this disorder is that many people do not understand it completely. This even extends to medical professionals, as this disorder is often misdiagnosed.

Since a proper medical diagnosis is needed when seeking Social Security disability benefits, it is important to know what signs and symptoms to watch out for. Below are a few of the most common:

  • An often overwhelming sense of fatigue
  • Widespread pain in your joints and your muscles
  • Tender points on your body
  • Problems sleeping, which could contribute to fatigue
  • The onset of depression
  • Constant anxiety
  • A general sense of stiffness in muscles and joints every morning
  • Memory problems and issues concentrating, which are often called the "fibro fog"
  • Consistent headaches
  • A tingling feeling in your legs, arms and hands
  • Numbness, often in the extremities
  • Issues urinating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Menstrual cramps that are more painful than usual

What to do when you are unable to work because of depression

Depression is an illness that is just as pervasive and debilitating as any physical disease. However, it can be more difficult to recognize as a problem and more difficult to diagnose. Depression may have crept up on you over time, and you found yourself being less able to do the things that you normally took for granted.

If you are unable to work because of the depression that you are suffering from, there may be ways for you to get financial benefits from the government. It is first important that you make sure you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria before making a claim.

What conditions qualify me to receive disability benefits?

If you're suffering from a medical condition listed in what's colloquially known as the Social Security Administration's (SSA) "blue book," there's a strong likelihood that you may qualify to receive disability benefits.

In order to be automatically qualified to receive either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), your condition must be included in the SSA's "Listing of Medical Impairments."

Two-thirds of Social Security Disability applications get denied

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) payments seems bound to succeed as you fill out that paperwork. You clearly cannot work. You need the assistance. Your case is a perfect example of exactly why the system exists.

Then you get denied.

Many SSDI applications are denied the first time

If your disability means you face many struggles in your daily life, it should be no surprise to you that trying to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits will be one more struggle. Close to a million people apply for SSDI each year, and only about a third of those applicants gain approval for financial assistance.

This statistic may seem daunting and even discouraging to you. However, if you understand some of the reasons why the Social Security Administration denies so many claims, you may be better able to prepare an application that will improve your chances of receiving the benefits you need and deserve.

Safety tips for avoiding back injuries on the job

Back injuries are some of the most commonly suffered injuries in workplaces all across Indiana. You don't have to be working a physical job to suffer a back injury while at work. In fact, many injuries are preventable and even suffered by those who don't need to lift heavy items regularly. Today, we will look at some safety tips for preventing back injuries while on the job.

If you have a job that requires you to lift a lot of items, no matter their weight, you need to add an exercise routine to your life. Exercising on a daily basis, or at least three times per week, will strengthen your muscles and improve your ability to lift different weighted items. Exercise will help reduce the stress placed on your back, and your entire body, when lifting items regularly.

How to appeal your disability benefits denial

When you are in great need of disability benefits, it can be heartbreaking when you have your application rejected. It is very common to have your application rejected the first time you apply, and often the reason is due to a minor mistake that you made in the application that you submitted, or due to a failure in providing enough information.

Therefore, if you have experienced a denial of Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it is important that you do not lose hope. Being proactive in learning what went wrong in your application is often the key to completing a successful application the second time around.

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