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On-The-Record Decisions

The reality of Social Security benefits is that everyone on the list for a hearing is facing a hardship, not just you, so judges tend to deny requests to expedite hearings. However, there are other options available to help you get the benefits you need. The Indiana attorneys at McKown & Myers, LLP know those options. The most effective option is a request for an on-the-record decision.

If you have questions about on-the-record decisions in Indiana or any other Social Security Disability (SSD) topic, our lawyers are here to help.

When A Request For An On-The-Record Decision Is Appropriate

Your application for SSD or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was denied. Your request for reconsideration was denied. These denials were issued because the Disability Determination Bureau did not agree that you were disabled. While many disabilities heal over time, there are also many that get worse. When a disability gets significantly worse, a request for an on-the-record decision may be appropriate.

When a disability progresses to the point that it is no longer likely that the Social Security Administration would disagree that you are disabled and proving disability has become a straightforward matter, we will take the documentation directly to a judge or senior staff attorney at the agency and request an on-the-record decision. This is a process of circumventing the disability hearing. Instead of a hearing, we present medical documentation that clearly shows a disability and asks for a positive decision regarding benefits.

If you have been denied disability benefits and your disability has grown progressively worse, we will seek an on-the-record decision to get you the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

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