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Why Veterans Should Switch To Direct Deposits Instead Of Checks

Many veterans in Indiana receive their benefits through a check or debit card. However, Veterans Administration (VA) officials are urging veterans to switch over to a direct deposit. According to one of the officials, receiving payments by check or debit card can make veterans vulnerable to identity theft. They’re also more expensive and sometimes come with additional fees, while a direct deposit is cheap and instantaneous.

Studies have shown that veterans are frequently the victims of identity thefts and phone scams. One popular scam involves calling veterans and telling them that they need to provide personal information to receive thousands of dollars in veterans benefits. Another scam claims to offer a special refinancing offer for their VA loan.

The official also said that veterans should call the VA to see if they qualify for additional benefits as they get older. While the appeals process once took several years, a recent reform reduced that time to several months. This makes it easier for veterans to apply for benefits and receive their payouts as quickly as possible.

How can veterans seek help with applying for benefits?

An attorney may help veterans who need to apply for health or disability benefits. Working with an attorney, a veteran might find it easier to navigate the system and receive a faster response. Additionally, an attorney might be able to represent them if the VA denies their claim.

An attorney might be able to help them file an appeal and potentially get the denial overturned. Additionally, an attorney might be able to educate their client on which conditions allow them to apply for disability. Qualifying conditions typically include injuries sustained in battle, disabilities resulting from battle and conditions that worsened due to battle. A veteran might also qualify if they were exposed to toxic gas or chemicals during their service.