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Why It’s Worth Fighting For Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance has a great deal of myths surrounding it, and often this means that people become discouraged from applying in the first place. It’s common for people to hear about all of the application denials that take place. However this should not discourage you from making an application, especially if you believe that you are eligible.

If you are denied for the first time, this does not mean that there is no hope for you. Many people make appeals and then become successful. The following are some of the most common myths about Social Security Disability Insurance, debunked.

Getting Social Security Disability Insurance will prevent me from ever getting a job

Many people are worried about claiming for Social Security Disability Insurance because they believe that once they start getting the payments, they will lose any chance to become financially independent. However, this is not true, and there are several programs that can support people in getting part-time work while receiving the benefits.

If my doctor can prove I’m disabled, I’ll get approved

Just because your doctor acknowledges that you have a disability, it does not mean that you will be automatically eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. Many people with disabilities are able to work full-time with no problem. The benefits are there for those who are unable to work because of their condition.

There’s no reason to even try

It’s important to never be discouraged from applying, even if you believe that the chances of success are slim. Making sure that you have made a thorough and correct application will give you the best chance of success.

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