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What You Need To Know About VA Disability Benefits And Employment

VA disability benefits aim to provide income for injured vets. Although helpful, this income is often not enough. You may need to supplement disability benefits with earned income simultaneously.

Working and VA benefit eligibility

Having a job while applying for your benefits doesn’t hurt your chances of approval, but it may affect your disability rating.

A veteran can work and receive benefits from the VA regarding their disabilities. There is no cap on the wages a veteran can earn while being service-connected up to and including 100 percent. Being granted unemployability (directly to 100 percent even though your individual score does not add up to 100 percent) is the exception to the rule.

Below are a couple of examples, but working with an experienced attorney call help you fully understand how benefits pertain to your individual situation.  

The biggest benefit of disability compensation

Disability compensation is considered tax-free income for veterans who became ill or injured while serving in the military. It also applies to veterans who endured worsening conditions to existing health issues while serving. Veterans may receive benefits for physical ailments, like chronic pain, and mental disorders, like PTSD, that developed in the course of their military service.

Additional Considerations

No two situations are the same, and different exceptions can apply to your specific case. The VA uses your condition and its severity to determine your disability rating on a scale of 0 to 100%. A higher disability rating means a higher number of benefits.

Maintaining freelance work or marginal employment hours will not violate your eligibility for benefits as long as your benefits application does not claim 100% disability for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits. An application for TDIU benefits means a complete inability to work. If it is discovered that you are working while applying for TDIU benefits, you are negating your claim. 

Following the guidelines and application requirements for VA benefits can be tricky. It is essential to understand these regulations to ensure your application is successful and that you remain in compliance.