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What To Do When You Are Unable To Work Because Of Depression

Depression is an illness that is just as pervasive and debilitating as any physical disease. However, it can be more difficult to recognize as a problem and more difficult to diagnose. Depression may have crept up on you over time, and you found yourself being less able to do the things that you normally took for granted.

If you are unable to work because of the depression that you are suffering from, there may be ways for you to get financial benefits from the government. It is first important that you make sure you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria before making a claim.

Make sure that your depression has been diagnosed

In order for you to claim benefits for suffering from depression, you need to first be diagnosed with depression. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is defined as a condition where a person has sleeping issues, feelings of self-hate and worthlessness, suicidal thoughts and an inability to process thoughts clearly. If you have these symptoms, you should speak to your doctor and explain how these symptoms are affecting you.

Follow doctor’s orders

You will only be eligible for governmental disability benefits if you are taking the medication prescribed by your doctor. Therefore, if you have been prescribed antidepressants by your doctor but are refusing to take them, you will not be eligible for benefits.

If you are suffering from symptoms of depression and cannot work as a result, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible and consider how disability benefits could help you from a financial perspective.

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