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What Impairments Can Qualify Me For Disability Benefits?

If you are a person that is suffering from a disability, it can be very disheartening when you are not able to get by financially, and when you are not able to work. When you are in this position, you might be unsure about what state benefits you are entitled to, and whether the specific impairment or disability that you are suffering from will enable you to claim benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the department that is responsible for the regulations and claims surrounding disability benefits. They publish something that is informally known as the blue book, officially named as the “Listing of Medical Impairments”. This book lists every type of disability or illness that can make a person eligible for disability benefits.

What are impairments that are approved by the SSA?

You must read the Listing of Medical Impairments if you want to learn about the full breakdown of all impairments, and this is usually best done by a medical professional, since the language can be quite technical.

However, in general, the impairment list is broken down and categorized by bodily function. These categories include digestive tract issues, senses and speech impairments, back conditions and other musculoskeletal problems, heart issues and blood related diseases and various different neurological disorders.

If you want to learn more about the benefits that you are entitled to because of the impairment that you have, it is important to conduct extensive research. Applying for disability benefits is a very lengthy and complex process, so consulting with your doctor is wise, since he or she can give you guidance and advice.

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