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What Are Some Benefits That Veterans Are Entitled To?

When most people think of veterans’ benefits, they typically think of health insurance and disability benefits. However, veterans in Indiana are actually entitled to a wide range of benefits that can help them and their family members. These benefits can include caregiver support, college credits and even tax preparation services.

What kinds of benefits are veterans entitled to?

As veterans enter advanced age, they might require assisted living or have to move into a nursing home. Fortunately, veterans benefits cover a large portion of the cost every year. They also cover a portion of the care for widows and widowers of military officers.

Veterans are also eligible for free tax preparation for tax season. They can get assistance with repaying their mortgages and take advantage of career counseling to help them find a job after they leave the military. Additionally, if they don’t use all their credits they received under the GI bill, their immediate family members might be able to use their college credits.

When a veteran dies, their family can request a U.S. flag and a certificate for their memorial service. They can also receive a free headstone from the government. Additionally, veterans are eligible for special life insurance policies that can offer up to $400,000.

How can veterans apply for disability benefits?

Applying for veterans disability benefits can be challenging. If an individual needs to apply for disability benefits, an attorney could help them navigate the process. The attorney might also be able to determine if they qualify for benefits in the first place.

In some cases, a veteran might have trouble securing benefits from the VA. An attorney might be able to help them negotiate for benefits and take the matter to court if necessary. They might also help their client appeal a denied claim.