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Veterans And Mental Health Benefits

According to the Veteran Association (VA), around 9% of the adult population in Indiana are veterans. The number is quite a significant part of the population. Due to their experiences in war, some veterans have been afflicted with mental health issues or substance abuse.

According to Mental First Aid, approximately 730,000 veterans deployed in the Middle East need mental health treatment. From that figure, 50% of veterans did not receive mental health treatment they need. Consequently, around 20 veterans take their lives daily.

No veteran needs to be ashamed if they have mental health issues. In fact, mental health issues are quite normal–one in five adults suffer from mental health issues. Furthermore, veterans are entitled to benefits from the VA that can provide mental health and medical coverage. As with any ailment, there is doctor-patient privilege. Therefore, a veteran is always protected by confidentiality arrangements in the case they want to keep their condition private. What’s more, the VA has many programs to assist veterans and shoulder the path to wellness. 

How to apply for benefits with the Marion VA

As previously mentioned, some veterans suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse are eligible for assistance but are currently not receiving those benefits. How can veterans and their mental health be supported?

Veterans are eligible for coverage if they served a continuous 24-month active duty. Veterans discharged earlier due to disability borne out of their service would also be eligible, even if they had not served the full term.

There are four simple ways of registering for benefits into the program. They include:

  • Going online and filling out a digital application.
  • Physically visiting a Marion Registration Office.
  • Sending mail with the application form attached.
  • Calling the Registration Center.

What to attach in the benefits application

Marion VA has tried to provide a conducive registration environment for any veteran who would like to get health benefits. There are certain documents that must be attached in the application for the process.

Attached documents should include the following:

  • A copy of either Medicare or Medicaid.
  • A copy of Armed Forces Report of Transfer or Discharge, popularly known as DD214.
  • Where applicable, a copy of award letter for Purple Heart recipients.

What is the role of an attorney in helping veterans get coverage?

An attorney would be instrumental in helping veterans get the health coverage they need and are entitled to. An attorney would be able to help reviewing an application made to Marion VA. An attorney would help in ensuring that any patient’s privacy rights are not unnecessarily revealed. Furthermore, if such application is rejected, then an attorney can help seek a review of the decision.