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VA Individual Unemployability (IU) Compensation Program

If you are a veteran and cannot work due to a service-related disability, you may be eligible for VA IU benefits. You can receive the same disability benefits as a veteran who has a 100% disability rating. The main benefits of the IU program include health care and compensation.

Learn everything you need to know about the IU program, including eligibility, benefits, and how to claim them.

How to qualify for IU benefits

You must meet one of the following requirements to qualify for IU benefits:

  • You must have a service-connected disability that limits you from holding substantial, gainful employment that will support you financially. It is important to note that VA does not consider odd jobs or marginal employment as gainful employment.
  • You must have a service-connected disability with a rating of 60% or more.
  • You are suffering from multiple service-connected disabilities with at least one rating of 40% and above and all disabilities rating 70% and above when combined.

You may also qualify for IU benefits with lower ratings in some cases, like if you are in the hospital. It is also important to note that the IU program covers veterans only.

How to claim IU benefits

The first thing to do when claiming IU benefits is to file a claim for VA disability compensation. Before filing for a disability compensation claim, make sure that you gather and attach any evidence or supporting documents that show you are unemployable due to a service-related disability. VA also reviews your education background and employment history when processing your claims.

Examples of the evidence you can provide include VA medical reports, VA disability rating letters, your doctor’s report or private medical test results, and copies of a medical diagnosis. You can also provide a statement showing that your military-connected disabilities prevent you from performing any mental or physical task. If you encounter challenges while gathering supporting documents, you can request assistance from VA.

Additional forms required when claiming IU benefits

Besides filing a VA disability claim, you should also include the following additional forms when claiming IU benefits:

  • VA Form 21-8940
  • VA Form 21-4192

Make sure you fill in the forms entirely for VA to work on your IU claim quickly. You can submit your claims to VA by mail or in person. The VA’s mailing address is Department of Veterans Affairs, Claims Intake Center, PO Box 4444, Janesville, WI 53547-4444. To submit your forms in person, you can present your application to any VA regional office.