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Understanding Eligibility For Veterans’ Benefits For Disability

There are many veterans of the United States military in Indiana. Unfortunately, they might have suffered a disabling injury or condition while they were in the service. This could leave them unable to work and earn a living. Veterans’ benefits may be available for those who are considered eligible.

Understanding the eligibility requirements is imperative when seeking benefits. A veteran who was an active member of the military and was not dishonorably discharged will be eligible.

People who were members of the National Guard or reservists who were called into active duty service and were disabled can receive veterans’ benefits. They must have had a minimum of 24 months on active duty or completed their duty requirements. The duration of service is irrelevant if the injury or condition came about while on basic training to be in the reserves or National Guard. Then the minimum requirements do not apply.

People who are not citizens of the United States but have been service members may be eligible. If they did not receive a dishonorable discharge and did not ask to be discharged in wartime, they can get benefits. This includes all branches of the military plus the two commissioned officer corps.

Also eligible are those who are on active or inactive duty for training. This is generally related to people in the reserves and National Guard, but people who are in a preparatory school as cadets or in the ROTC may be eligible. So are those on inactive duty who are training on weekends or to acquire certain skills to be promoted in rank.

For benefits, the injury must have happened in the line of duty. Veterans’ benefits are a comfort to disabled service members. Still, there can be disputes as to whether an applicant is eligible. Having legal advice from the beginning can be a key aspect of receiving veterans’ benefits.