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Two-Thirds Of Social Security Disability Applications Get Denied

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) payments seems bound to succeed as you fill out that paperwork. You clearly cannot work. You need the assistance. Your case is a perfect example of exactly why the system exists.

Then you get denied.

You’re shocked. What you may have wanted to consider before you applied is that the odds were not in your favor. Reports show that around two-thirds of applications in the United States wind up getting denied every year.

Now, you have to assume some of these are cases in which people really do not qualify. The process is so strict to try to weed out people who should not be using the benefits.

But you are sure that your case should qualify. How could you have gotten denied anyway?

Often, a technical error is the true reason for the denial. These can be very simple. For instance, you may have simply missed some critical information on your application. Maybe you omitted your birthday or accidentally used your maiden name. Or, perhaps you did not provide enough documentation, such as medical records and work records.

That does not always mean you can’t get the benefits. You may qualify. You just have to rectify the errors first. This is especially true in cases where you do not provide enough information. Those medical records exist. You just have to get them to send in and prove you deserve the benefits.

If you’re wondering what to do after a denial, you may be able to appeal. Make sure you know all of the proper steps to take.

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