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Training And Education Programs Accessible With The GI Bill

The GI Bill is a VA education benefit that helps eligible veterans and service members cover the costs associated with their educational training programs. The available GI Bill programs from the VA include the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Education Program. 

Survivors of servicemembers or the dependents of totally disabled veterans are also eligible for VA education benefits, including Dependents’ Education Assistance (DEA) and Fry Scholarship. Below are the types of training programs that veterans can access with the GI Bill education benefit.

Veterans technology education courses

The VET TEC program enables veterans and service members to start or advance their careers in the tech field. The program benefits include tuition fees and housing allowances to pay for a full-time high-tech training program. Multiple VA-approved VET TEC training providers also help veterans find meaningful and relevant employment after completing their training program.

The courses available under this program include:

  • Computer software
  • Data processing
  • Information science
  • Computer programming
  • Media applications

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs

You can use GI Bill benefits to pay for undergraduate and graduate degree courses at an institution of higher learning. VA determines the payment amount based on the number of classes you attend and your hours in those classes. Keep in mind that the department issues the payments after each month’s lessons. For example, VA will render payment for September classes in October.

If you qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, VA will send tuition and fees directly to your learning institution. You will receive funds for books each term and a housing allowance at the end of each month. The GI Bill may also allow you to take classes at more than one school if both classes count towards your degree or if your institution considers the courses offered by another school as essential for obtaining your degree.

Non-college degree programs

You can also use your GI Bill benefits to pay for training programs. These programs could be anything from Emergency Medical Technician training to barber and beautician school and HVAC repair. To qualify for this program, you must be eligible for the GI Bill joining a non-degree program at an approved institution.

The GI Bill is an excellent benefit that offers veterans and service members a new path forward. The amount received depends on the program you qualify for and the institution you plan to attend. Those under these programs receive tuition fees from VA at the end of each month. Learn more about VA GI Bill benefits and how you can apply online.