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The Disability Criteria For Social Security Benefits

When it comes to Social Security benefits, a disabled person must meet a special set of guidelines in order to qualify. This is because Social Security benefits are designed for those who cannot work to the same extent that they would have been able to if they were completely well.

Therefore, as a disabled person that is looking into the possibility of Social Security benefits, you should make sure that you understand the criteria that is in place before considering applying. It is important to pay particular attention to how the Social Security Administration (SSA) define the word “disabled”.

How does the SSA define “disabled”?

Although you might identify as a disabled person, this does not necessarily mean that you will be eligible for disability benefits under the SSA. The SSA give three main criteria that a person must fulfill if he or she is to qualify for disability benefits.

These are the fact that your disability has lasted over 12 months to date, as a continuous condition, or that your condition is terminal and cannot be cured. You must also be able to prove that as a result of this condition, you cannot work in the same job or career that you had previously, and that you are unable to do any work because of your condition.

When you can prove that you fulfill these three criteria, you can make an application to the SSA. They will then make a determination by investigating your lifestyle and the specifics of your condition.

If you are struggling to get the disability benefits that you deserve, it is important to research the procedures fully so that you know how to make a successful application.

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