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SSD Backlog Should Not Be Allowed To Get Even Worse

Life is difficult enough for those who are prevented from working by a disability. They really do not need government inefficiency and red tape to add to their problems. But the backlog in the Social Security Administration’s claims and appeals process is making life miserable for many people who deserve Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Some U.S. Senators say that a recently passed appropriations bill could make matters even worse.

“We are concerned that the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies (LHHS) appropriations bill recently reported by the full Appropriations committee reduces SSA’s administrative budget by almost $460 million,” said Senator Ron Wyden.

He and other senators are urging colleagues to ramp up spending for Social Security: not to increase benefits, but to speed the appeals process for those making SSD/SSDI claims. The current backlog in that process means that the average wait time is approximately 600 days, or nearly two years.

Wyden said that this is no time to increase the time workers with disabilities have to wait for the benefits that they have paid for. He said the Social Security Administration “cannot make significant progress at reducing the disability hearings backlog without adequate resources,” especially with newspaper headlines pointing out that people are dying while waiting for benefits approval.

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