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Safety Tips For Avoiding Back Injuries On The Job

Back injuries are some of the most commonly suffered injuries in workplaces all across Indiana. You don’t have to be working a physical job to suffer a back injury while at work. In fact, many injuries are preventable and even suffered by those who don’t need to lift heavy items regularly. Today, we will look at some safety tips for preventing back injuries while on the job.

If you have a job that requires you to lift a lot of items, no matter their weight, you need to add an exercise routine to your life. Exercising on a daily basis, or at least three times per week, will strengthen your muscles and improve your ability to lift different weighted items. Exercise will help reduce the stress placed on your back, and your entire body, when lifting items regularly.

You also need to lift items properly all the time. Do not bend at the waist or try to pick an item up using only your arms. You need to lift using the lower portion of your body. Make sure you bend your knees and tighten your core muscles before lifting anything at work.

Do your best to listen to your body. This might sound a little off the beaten path but it is important. Your body will tell you whether or not you can lift any items at work. If your muscles feel weak or stiff, you need to stretch before lifting.

As you can see, it’s important to be mindful of how you lift items at the workplace and how you sit at your desk. Back injuries are preventable, but when they aren’t you could be eligible for Social Security disability if you find yourself out of work for a prolonged period.