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Qualifying Conditions For VA And Social Security Disability Benefits

Veterans may be eligible for both VA and social security disability benefits simultaneously. There is also a possibility of collecting one benefit and not qualifying for the other, since both the application process and the disability definition are different. Read on to learn more about the qualification requirements for VA and social security disability benefits.

Qualification for social security disability benefits

Social security disability provides payment to people with medical conditions who are covered by the social security fund from workers’ contributions. These are facilitated by earnings from you, your spouse, or your parents as required by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Your dependents might also be eligible for benefits based on your earnings record. 

In order to get social security disability benefits, you should:

  • Have evidence of a mental or physical condition that substantially limits your ability to work at a 
  • Show that you have a weakening condition that has lasted or is expected to last for 12 months or even result in death
  • Not have a short-term or partial disability
  • Be younger than the qualifying age of retirement
  • Qualify under the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability

Eligibility for VA benefits

These benefits provide help to those who served in the military during periods of war and conflict and received an honorable or medical discharge. They also include benefits for children and spouses. VA gives disability compensation benefits to current servicemembers and veterans with disabilities acquired during service. To be eligible for VA benefits, you need to have been in the military, had an honorable or dishonorable discharge, and should meet the following conditions:

  • You currently have a condition affecting your body or mind
  • You served in active duty or inactive duty training

Those with a dishonorable discharge resulting from absence without official leave or misconduct may still be eligible for VA benefits applications. The following factors are strongly regarded for qualifying:

  • The category of the military department you served in
  • Your age at the time you ended your service
  • If you were considered a disabled veteran
  • Your length of service
  • If your deployment was active combat duty

Both VA and social security benefits are critical resources to support income stability for veterans and their families. Understanding eligibility and qualifying conditions for both benefits will help avoid processing delays or issues during the application.