Disabled And Unable To Get Your Benefits?

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Medical Professionals Give Great Aid In Disability Claims

You’re hurt on the job and need help making ends meet, but arguing your case can be a long and complicated process. Fortunately, there are ways to support your claims when it’s your time to present your request.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Social Security Insurance can be hard to get. More than 800,000 people nationwide are waiting to have their appeals heard. Some steps could help you get approval, or give you a better chance with an appeal. Near the top of that list is working closely with your doctor to make sure their report makes a strong case on your behalf.

What the doctor ordered

Your attending physician should explain a few things in detail to make sure you have your best evidence in writing:

  • Diagnosis: Your doctor should spell out exactly what your diagnosis is and how they made their decision. Get an explanation of any tests they used to come to their conclusion.
  • Restrictions: Have your doctor outline any physical or mental limitations, and how they could disrupt your performance at work. Anything affecting your ability to perform, like lifting products, climbing stairs or interacting with customers should be listed.
  • Prognosis: They should spell out just how long they foresee this impairment lasting, and how long you’ll need help to recover. This could affect how long you receive coverage.

Reporting for duty

Your doctor can’t report what they don’t know. Don’t leave out any details that you can use to strengthen your case. Not being completely honest with your doctor by downplaying symptoms and fighting through pain could result in an incomplete medical report, which may be grounds for a denied application.

Be upfront and honest with your doctor about your pain and what help you need from them in your application process. These seemingly small details can be the difference between winning your claim and having it disproved.