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Is Anxiety Considered A Disability In Indiana?

When we think of a person having a disability, we often think of situations in which people are unable to physically do things. For example, a disabled person may not be able to walk and is therefore bound to a wheelchair.

However, disabilities are not limited to physical issues. Mental disorders and mental illnesses can mean that a person is similarly unable to perform certain essential tasks. This is why the Social Security Administration recognizes a wide range of mental illnesses, giving those suffering these illnesses the opportunity to claim disability benefits.

Is anxiety recognized as a disability?

If a person is diagnosed with a panic or anxiety disorder by a medical professional, it may be possible for the patient to successfully claim disability benefits. This is because anxiety disorders are recognized as disabilities when certain conditions are present.

What evidence do I need to show in order to claim disability benefits due to anxiety?

In general, the anxiety must be severe and persistent in order for a sufferer to be able to receive disability benefits. In order to establish the pervasiveness of the condition, a doctor or psychologist will have to give their opinion as part of your claim application. You must also be able to show that the anxiety is severe enough to make it impossible for you to engage in meaningful work.

What types of disability benefits could I be eligible for?

You may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Benefits depending on your needs. It is important to understand the law in Indiana before making a Social Security claim for anxiety.