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I Was Seriously Injured During My Military Service; Am I Eligible For Disability Benefits?

You are more likely to receive a veteran’s disability compensation if you are a military officer suffering or suffered a service-related injury/illness. The benefits are provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  and they include health care and financial support.

The eligibility requirements

You are qualified to receive compensation if you have a condition that affects your mind and body. Other requirements include;

  • One must have served on active duty, active and inactive duty for training.
  • Must have a disability from your service-connected condition.
  • You got sick while serving in the military.
  • You had an injury or illness before joining the military and the service made the condition worse.
  • Have a condition brought by your active-duty service that appeared after you ended your service.

Which documents will I need to provide along with my disability claim?

Before initiating the application process, it is vital to gather all your supporting documents that indicate you are eligible for the benefits. The supporting documents include;

  • VA medical records that show the origin of your disability or illness.
  • The records about your disability or disease diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Service treatment records and DD214 discharge papers.
  • Supporting documents from someone who witnessed your injury or illness.

The filled forms and the supporting documents are sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Claims Intake Center. You can also make an online application or file your claim on eBenefits.

How long will it take VA to decide after I submit my claim?

According to VA, it takes an average of 153.1 days to complete a disability-related claim. The amount of time it takes to review your claims depends on; the type of claim you filled, the number of injuries or disabilities you claimed, the complexity of your claim and how long it takes VA to collect the proper evidence.

The VA schedules exams for you and you should not miss them. You can track the status of your application online. During the application process, one is given a disability rating that indicates the severity of your disability. The rating is determined from the information you provided, your exam results and the evidence from federal agencies regarding your illness.

The application process can be long and complicated. At times, valid claims are denied. One can appeal if the claim is denied. When appealing, it is vital to get an attorney who will help advocate for your rights.