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How To Qualify For Veterans’ Disability Benefits

Veterans in Indiana who have suffered from service-related disabilities may be eligible for veterans’ benefits. VA disability compensation is available to people who meet the eligibility criteria and may provide financial support, health care, and other benefits. Disabled veterans who believe they might qualify may want to submit claims to secure the benefits that they need.

What are the eligibility criteria for VA disability benefits?

To be eligible for veterans’ benefits, an applicant must have served in the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty or on active or inactive duty training, have suffered a service-related injury or illness, and have received a disability rating from the VA. The injury or illness must also have happened in one of the following three ways:

  • While serving in the military
    • Before military service but was exacerbated by the service
    • After serving in the military but can be linked back to the service

Both disabled veterans and their dependents may be covered.

Qualifying conditions and presumed disabilities

Conditions that show up within one year of the end of service are presumed to be qualifying disabilities. Similarly, conditions that are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals are also considered to be presumed disabilities. Finally, conditions that were caused when the veterans were prisoners of war are presumed disabilities. In addition to presumed disabilities, there are several conditions for which veterans may be able to recover VA benefits, including post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer caused by noxious chemicals, traumatic brain injuries, and others. People who received a dishonorable discharge, other than honorable discharge, or general discharge may not be eligible for disability benefits.

Veterans disability benefits are meant to help veterans to meet their financial and health care needs after they have been injured or sickened because of their service. People who suffer from disabling conditions may want to talk to experienced disability lawyers about whether they might qualify for benefits. An attorney might help his or her client by submitting the claim and the evidence that might help to support it. This may increase the chances of the claim’s approval.