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How To Qualify For Disability Benefits

Individuals in Indiana who are disabled may not qualify for government benefits unless their condition makes it impossible to retain gainful employment. In other words, a person must be totally disabled to obtain a benefit check, and there must be proof that the condition has lasted for 12 months or will last for at least 12 months. An applicant will need to show that he or she cannot do any type of job that he or she is qualified for.

The examiner who reviews an applicant’s request for benefits will determine when that person first became disabled. In some cases, the disability date could be earlier than the date an individual applied for benefits. It is important to note that an individual may be approved for benefits based on a combination of mental or physical conditions that render a person totally disabled.

Individuals who are seeking SSD benefits may want to enlist the help of legal professional to help with their cases. This is because a legal professional may understand what type of medical evidence and other information an examiner needs to see when approving an application. Furthermore, an attorney may understand how the appeal process works and how to navigate it in a timely manner. It is not uncommon for individuals to send in new initial applications instead of appealing the examiner’s decision.

Those who can’t read, write or perform other tasks without difficulty may rely on their attorneys to fill out or submit paperwork on their behalf. This may help to ensure that it is submitted and reviewed in a timely manner. In many cases, an application is approved after being seen by an administrative law judge. An attorney may be able to take steps to obtain a favorable outcome at a hearing.