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How Do You Prepare For A VA Board Hearing?

When you file for veterans’ benefits in Indiana, the Veterans Administration might decline your request. However, this doesn’t mean that the battle is over. You can appeal the decision and possibly have it overturned so that you can get the benefits you’re entitled to.

How do you prepare for a board hearing?

To prepare for your hearing, you might want to hire an attorney. An attorney nay help you strengthen your case to give you the best possible chance at securing veterans benefits. You might also hire a claims agent or a member of a Veterans Service Organization.

You should bring new evidence if you have it. You won’t need to bring old evidence from your first request since the judge will have it in their records. However, you may want to bring new evidence to strengthen your case and prove that you’re eligible for veterans’ benefits. You’ll need to prove to the judge that you’ve suffered from illness or injuries as a direct result of your military service.

Additionally, you should be prepared to answer the judge’s questions during your hearing. You might have to explain why you’re entitled to veterans’ benefits and how your evidence proves your case. During the hearing, the judge may make additional recommendations to help them come to a decision. For example, they might invite you to take a medical exam to bring more evidence to your case. You can also bring a representative like an attorney to assist you during the hearing.

How may an attorney help during your hearing?

An attorney may be able to help you make a good impression and present the strongest possible case to the judge. Your attorney might help you prepare for the hearing, assist you during the hearing and help you figure out how to proceed after you receive their decision. If necessary, they may help you gather additional evidence or appeal your case again. They may also assist you with other claims and appeals in the months and years to follow.