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How Do I Prepare For My Indiana Disability Hearing?

You’ve waited a long time to have your disability case heard. You’ll want to be prepared for all the questions that could come up in your Social Security Disability (SSD) hearing in Indiana.

So just what questions will you be expected to answer at the hearing? Here are some of the things related to your condition that you likely will be asked to discuss. As always, tell the truth and don’t exaggerate.

  1. Medical condition: The judge has the copies of your medical records, so you’ll be asked to describe specifics, such as your level of pain on a scale of one to 10; your medications and side effects; or your symptoms, such as dizziness.
  2. Medical history beyond all the records: What are your treatments?
  3. Physical and/or mental abilities: What are your limits? How many minutes can you walk before needing to stop to rest? Do you lose your focus and concentration quickly?
  4. Education and training: What is your traditional education, as well as vocational training, on-the-job training and military service?
  5. Employment: What is your work experience? How much physical labor is involved in your job? How much time do you spend standing or sitting during the workday?
  6. Typical day: What do you do from the time you wake up until you go to bed? How well do you sleep? What activities could you do before your disability that you can’t perform now? Can you drive?

Remember that this is just a brief primer and that you will need to know the answers to the above – and more. Start making notes to prepare your case. An Indiana attorney who handles disability cases could assist you in your readiness and offer guidance.