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How COVID-19 Is Affecting VBA Claims

If you are a veteran or uniformed services member of the U.S. military, you likely have dealt with or heard of the Veterans Benefits Administration.

The VBA has recently experienced an extensive backlog of initial benefits claims. It is possible that the pandemic is partially to blame. The VBA’s administrators and staff have had to adapt to teleworking, just as we have.

Just how bad is this backlog?

Claims are in “backlog” status when they sit for 125 days or longer without being addressed. The number of backlogged claims is now over 100,000. That number is up from 80,000 in early May. Suspended in-person examinations and delayed appointments for the sake of veteran safety are just a few of these challenges VBA employees face.

What they are doing to reduce the backlog

The VBA is adapting as best as it can to the changes demanded by the pandemic. The Veterans Benefits Management System allows VBA employees to rate claims and to organize records via telework. Such records include those relevant to disability claims and pension needs.