Disabled And Unable To Get Your Benefits?

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How An Attorney Can Help Secure Disability Benefits

If a family member becomes disabled, the medical bills will continue to grow until it becomes too overwhelming. 62% of personal bankruptcy claims are caused by a medical issue and the average length of a long-term disability claim is nearly 35 months. Also, one in every eight workers will be disabled for five years of more during their career.

Obtaining disability benefits is no easy task and 70% of initial claims are denied. This, along with the reasons below, is why you should consider putting an attorney in your corner.

Gather evidence and documentation

A considerable amount of evidence and medical records are needed for a claim to be approved. Sometimes, a doctor’s office or other entity will drag their feet when submitting documentation. If this happens, an attorney will make sure they comply and can also assist and advise you in the gathering of necessary evidence and documents that will benefit your claim.

An attorney can advocate on your behalf

Claims get bogged down for several reasons. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but even so, an attorney can help speed up the process by knowing who, when and where to contact to move the review process forward.

Managing denials and appeals

Referenced above, initial claims are often denied. If appropriate, a disability attorney can aid you in the appeal process to file a second review. Their experience in court with administrative law judges will come in handy during the appeals process and help you avoid the intimidation of facing a judge.

Most disability attorneys offer a free consultation. You need your benefits to manage your monthly expenses. Allow an attorney to fight on your behalf.