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Housing Grants For Veterans With Disability

VA offers several grants to veterans with service-connected disabilities to help them buy, refinance or improve their homes. This allows the veterans to live more independently and meet their medical needs. The VA grants can be confused with VA home loans, which are provided through a participating VA lender.

However, VA grants are offered directly from the VA, and eligible veterans must apply for them through the proper VA claims forms. Also, the VA grants are not provided to all disabled veterans; applicants must have specific qualifying injuries described by VA. Below are some of the main housing grants for veterans with a disability.

The VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)

The SAH is one of the main VA housing grants offered to disable veterans to help them purchase or build an adapted home or re-construct an existing house if they are planning to stay in it for an extended period. To be eligible for SAH, you must be a homeowner or planning to own one.

Additionally, you must also have the following service-connected disabilities:

  • You lost more than one limb.
  • You have lost the use of more than one limb.
  • Particular severe burns
  • You are completely blind or with 20/200 visual acuity or less.
  • You have lost one of the lower legs together with remains of organic disease or injury.
  • You have lost the use of one of the lower legs, together with the remains of organic disease or injury.
  • You have lost the use of one or more limbs due to military-related service on or after September 11, 2001.

The VA Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant

VA offers SHA grants to veterans aspiring to purchase, build or modify their permanent home if they plan to live in it for a long time. To qualify for SHA, you or your family must be a homeowner or will own a home. You must also have the following services connected to disabilities:

  1. Have lost or lost the use of both hands
  2. Have particular breathing or respiratory injuries
  3. Have certain severe burns

VA Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA)

The VA TRA program is available to disabled veterans rated eligible for either the SAH or the SHA grant on a one-time basis. This program allows eligible veterans to adapt a family member’s home to meet their needs.

Therefore, one of the main requirements for veterans to be eligible for this program is that they must be living in a family member’s house that requires modifications to meet the disabled veteran’s medical needs.

Application for any of the above VA grants is made online at the eBenefits website. You must use your DS Logon account to sign in to the eBenefits portal.