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Filing A Standard Disability Claim For Veterans’ Benefits

Indiana residents who have served their country may be eligible for disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. They should understand the process and what they might expect when they apply for them.

standard disability claim may be filed with the VA when a veteran wants the agency to help gather some of the evidence to support the claim. To file a standard disability claim with the VA, a veteran will need to file an application for disability compensation and benefits. He or she will also need to list any medical offices or facilities that might have records of the disability that the agency might need. Finally, the veteran will need to attend any medical appointment that is scheduled by the VA to rule on the claim.

The VA might gather information from VA medical centers, the military, other federal agencies, and the Social Security Administration after it is given permission by the veteran. If the veteran has records at non-VA doctors’ offices and hospitals, the VA will make an effort to obtain those as well. Veterans who file standard disability claims may expect a longer process than claims that are fully developed because the VA will need time to gather all of the evidence.

Disabled veterans might want to consult with experienced veterans’ benefits lawyers for help with filing their claims. The attorneys might help their clients to gather all of the evidence that they need to support their claims. This might help the process to go faster than it might with a standard disability claim. If the claim is initially denied, the attorneys might help their clients to file an appeal and to gather additional evidence to support their claims.