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New Health Information Exchange Aims To Improve Efficiency By Sharing Information Between Providers

The Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization program, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Defense have worked together to make veteran health information shareable between health providers.

Ideally, what they are calling the Health Information Exchange will provide veterans with more efficient health care services, brought on by the need for quicker services due to COVID-19.

The hope is that by making one common health record, clinics can better understand patient needs. So if one of your health care companies holds information about you, but you visit a clinic of a different name, your health information will now be shared between each provider.

Many veterans may find this beneficial when going to a clinic or hospital, since it could speed up the administrative process. It may also help doctors better perform their duties because they will have your health history available.

The information exchanged between health care providers

The information exchange includes your medical history relating to, among other things:

  • Allergies
  • Prescriptions
  • Various medical notes

Since the change went live in April, it has connected thousands of pharmacies and hospitals and tens of thousands of clinics. It also has provided community information for nursing homes, labs and federally qualifying health centers.

What if I do not want my information shared?

The VA recognizes that not all veterans may want their information passed around. For veterans who do not want their information shared between health care providers, there is a way to opt-out. Note that there is no deadline for opting out.