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Does My Mental Illness Make Me Eligible For Benefits?

When you are suffering from a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, the symptoms can become debilitating, and they may make it impossible for you to be able to carry out any type of meaningful work.

With the help of your medical provider, you may be able to successfully file a claim for disability benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA) in regard to your mental illness. However, it is not always easy to successfully file a claim, no matter what your disability is. It is important that you understand how mental illnesses are assessed under the SSA and what information you will need to provide before you go about making your application.

Will my mental health issues be classified as a disability under the SSA?

There are two primary disability benefit programs that can be applied for under the SSA. These are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). When it comes to SSI, a person will only qualify if he or she has almost no income at all. This is because the program is based on individual need, and they try to help those who are unable to earn money because of their debilitating illness.

SSDI is another type of benefit program that is available to those who have been working in previous years and paying Social Security taxes. If their disability has made it difficult for them to earn a significant income, they may by entitled to SSDI benefits.

If you are suffering from a mental illness, it is important to take action so that you can get the benefits that you deserve in Indiana.

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