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Lawyers Handling Advanced Age SSD Claims

Social Security categorizes people based on age. The categories are:

  • Younger worker: people aged 49 and under
  • Approaching advanced age: people aged between 50 and 55
  • Advanced age: people aged 56 and over

A large portion of claims for Social Security benefits involves people in the approaching advanced age and advanced age categories. People in each category have unique challenges to face in order to get the benefits they need. The Indiana attorneys at McKown & Myers, LLP are well-versed in overcoming these challenges. If you are over age 50 and interested in applying for benefits, or if you have already applied and you have been denied, we can put our experience to work for you. We can answer any questions you have about over age 50 disability claims in Indiana. Contact our Indiana lawyers to learn how we can help you secure the benefits you are entitled.

Approaching Advanced Age

People filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits who fall into the approaching advanced age category must prove that the disability not only prevents them from returning to heavy work, but that the disability also prevents medium work. Our lawyers are skilled in working with doctors to build a case that makes it clear that people in the approaching advanced age category are eligible for benefits.

Advanced Age

People filing for benefits who fall into the advanced age category typically have somewhat less of a burden. They must only prove that the disability prevents them from returning to their previous career. Regardless, many claimants of advanced age are denied benefits. We know how to gather the proof necessary to successfully appeal these denied claims.

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