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Social Security Disability And Ability To Work In Indiana

Are you able to work? That is one of the key questions involved in the process of getting Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. This question is surprisingly nuanced and cannot necessarily be answered with a yes or a no.

At McKown & Myers, LLP, our lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases. We understand the nuances, and, more importantly, we know how to make certain that the judges presiding over disability hearings understand those nuances in terms of how they apply to your disability claim. That is how we succeed.

Are You Employable?

The real question is not whether you can or cannot work, but whether you can sustain a full-time schedule. In other words, many people who seek Social Security benefits are able to work for some portion of time. Perhaps they can work for a few hours or even a few days in a row before their disability starts to take its toll.

Unfortunately, the realities of the job market mean that employers are not going to tolerate employees who need to consistently call in or leave early because of their disability. In other words, even if you feel like you could work to some extent, no employer would accept absenteeism at the level your medical condition would require. Just because you have good days, days when you feel you could work, does not mean you are employable. We are dedicated to making judges understand that fact, and we frequently use vocational experts to help us prove our point during both initial and appeal proceedings.

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