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Cooperation Is A Key To A Successful Disability Claim

Everything can be harder when you’re experiencing a disability and worrying about money.

The last thing you probably want is doing business with a big bureaucracy.

But a large majority of Social Security Disability (SSD) claims are denied. The good news is there are ways to improve your chances of filing a successful SSD claim.

Few mysteries about why claims are denied

The Social Security Administration keeps careful statistics, so there aren’t many secrets about why so many claims are denied.

Among the top reasons is simply that the applicant didn’t cooperate.

If an applicant doesn’t follow those carefully monitored regulations, there isn’t much an administration employee can do.

What you can do to improve your chances

Relax and take every step one at a time.

For example, when you first apply for SSD, you’re asked a lot of questions you may not have been asked before. Review the materials you’ll need for the application and gather them. If you need help filling out forms, help is available. This relaxed, prepared mindset will help at every stage that follows.

Follow doctor’s orders.

Your medical records are evidence. Seek medical care promptly and continue treatment. If you, for example, can’t have a surgery right away, ask advice. You’ll need to clearly show you’ve been a good patient.

Prepare for any appeals hearing.

You should learn the kinds of questions that will be asked and think about the answers beforehand. Dress well and be respectful of the judge. At this stage, you should already have an attorney on your side. Consider their advice.

Work closely with your attorney.

Most SSD applications are denied and there are many complex and often time-consuming aspects to the process. You will need an advocate. You should speak frankly and work with them toward a successful claim resolution.