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Common Reasons Why Veterans’ Benefits Claims Are Denied

Veterans living in Indiana can be entitled to a wide range of health care benefits. However, just because you filed a claim doesn’t mean you’ll receive care. In fact, thousands of claims are denied every year for various reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why your health care claim might be denied by the Veterans Administration.

What are some common reasons that healthcare claims are denied?

Your veterans’ benefits claim might get denied if your diagnosis isn’t listed in your military medical records. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. If you didn’t get diagnosed while you were in the military, you can show the VA evidence that you were diagnosed afterward.

You might also be denied if the VA doesn’t see a clear connection between your military service and your current health issues. To solve this issue, you’ll have to provide evidence that you suffered from a disease or injury while you were in the military. You can do this by getting a letter from a witness or a medical provider.

Some people are denied because the VA didn’t see adequate evidence that the person is experiencing symptoms. You’ll have to prove that the injury or disease you suffered is having a negative effect on your current quality of life. You can provide a letter from a witness or documentation from your physician that proves you’re experiencing symptoms.

What can you do if your benefits claim is denied?

If your disability claim is denied, either for the first time or repeatedly, it might be time to hire an attorney. An attorney may be able to figure out why you’re being denied and help you provide evidence of your disability. Your attorney might also help you appeal your denied claim and submit new evidence or make the case in front of a judge.