Disabled And Unable To Get Your Benefits?

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Common Reasons For Going On Disability

Cases of people on disability have increased in the past few decades. Even as medical technology advances and more legal protections become available, 14 million Americans still receive a monthly disability check from Social Security.

That’s because most people can’t predict if and when they are going to develop an impairment, as it can happen to anyone at any age. Whether someone is critically injured or obtains mental health issues from a traumatic event, these setbacks can often limit their ability to work for prolonged periods.

Common causes for people to go on disability

Americans might need to collect if they have:

  • Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: When using one’s arms, wrists or fingers becomes more challenging or even painful, some may not be able to meet the demands of their occupations.
  • Severe neck or spine injuries: Construction workers, nurses and truck drivers are often more likely to damage their neck and spine. That’s because their jobs can be physically demanding and often require heavy lifting. If their back or neck are severely damaged, it can become harder for them to perform their duties.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Anyone can fall victim to a distressing event. Whether they are soldiers, car crash victims or sexual assault survivors, the horrific memories they confront can often cause them to have disturbing flashbacks which can hurt their well-being and ability to work.
  • Other mental disorders: Conditions such as ADHD, ASD, anxiety and depression can substantially impact one’s ability to work or function in their adult life. In some cases, their mental impairments can qualify them for disability compensation under certain circumstances.
  • Amputated limbs: People lose their limbs for many reasons including disease,  injuries or even tumor removal. While prosthetics are more available, missing an arm or a leg can still significantly impact one’s ability to do their job.

Those unable to work deserve compensation

Having an impairment can create barriers in any stage of life. In some cases, one’s condition may be so debilitating, they could qualify for disability benefits. For disabled workers in Indiana who require government assistance, an experienced Social Security benefits attorney can help evaluate their condition and get them the compensation they need.