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Common symptoms of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be so detrimental to your health that it is impossible for you to work any longer. However, one of the big problems with this disorder is that many people do not understand it completely. This even extends to medical professionals, as this disorder is often misdiagnosed.

Safety tips for avoiding back injuries on the job

Back injuries are some of the most commonly suffered injuries in workplaces all across Indiana. You don't have to be working a physical job to suffer a back injury while at work. In fact, many injuries are preventable and even suffered by those who don't need to lift heavy items regularly. Today, we will look at some safety tips for preventing back injuries while on the job.

Fibromyalgia and social security disability

Fibromyalgia is an invisible condition, which can be difficult for people to cope with. This is because a person might look perfectly healthy, but in reality they are suffering and enduring through a great deal of pain. This could mean that acquaintances of the sufferer, including their employer, may lack understanding and empathy for what they are going through with their disability.

What impairments can qualify me for disability benefits?

If you are a person that is suffering from a disability, it can be very disheartening when you are not able to get by financially, and when you are not able to work. When you are in this position, you might be unsure about what state benefits you are entitled to, and whether the specific impairment or disability that you are suffering from will enable you to claim benefits.

Social Security Disability and mental disorders

When applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits as a disabled person or on behalf of a disabled person, it is important that you first find out whether the specific disability is listed as eligible under the Social Security Administration (SSA). This is especially true for mental disorders.

Why was my disability benefits claim denied?

It is an unfortunate fact that over 70 percent of all Social Security Disability (SSD) claims are denied. Although it is assumed that all of the people making the applications consider themselves to be disabled and struggling to work at full capacity, they for one reason or another were not considered eligible for SSD as their application stands.

Why it’s worth fighting for Social Security benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance has a great deal of myths surrounding it, and often this means that people become discouraged from applying in the first place. It's common for people to hear about all of the application denials that take place. However this should not discourage you from making an application, especially if you believe that you are eligible.

10,000 died last year waiting for Social Security Disability

According to the Washington Post, 10,000 people who applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) died waiting to hear if they qualified. Many others will have to wait almost 600 days to hear how their case will be decided.

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