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Mental disorders that can qualify for SSD

Living with a disability can make even everyday activities a real challenge. Working with a disability is usually out of the question entirely, leaving many people asking how they will make their ends meet. Fortunately, Social Security Disability (SSD) is available to help individuals in need. Better yet, mental disorders are also covered by SSD.

Trouble with Social Security Disability? Seek an attorney's help

We recently heard the story of a young woman from another state who has cystic fibrosis, which is a disease that leads to lung damage. Just 22, she was receiving Social Security benefits for her disability and had access to Medicaid, which covered her health care costs that come to about $100,000 a year.

What are the reasons to apply for Social Security Disability?

By paying your FICA, or Social Security taxes, through your job, you are covered by the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Should you be faced with a chronic illness or a sudden health condition that is expected to keep you out of work for a long duration, you are eligible to apply for SSDI.

Lupus causes your cells to attack your body

Typically, your immune system works hard on your behalf, protecting you from sickness and disease. Your B cells are a critical part of this process, as they create antibodies. These, in turn, hunt down viruses, germs, bacteria and any other harmful substances that enter the body. They can then destroy and/or control these invaders, keeping you healthy and helping to cure all sorts of ailments in time.

2 reasons for a Social Security disability denial

Imagine you've developed a serious illness or disability, you can no longer hold down a job and you can't make financial ends meet. This is a terrible and difficult situation because you may need to rely on others for your financial support — if you're lucky enough to have other people in your life who are willing to help like this. Fortunately, if you're facing a situation like this, you might be able to qualify for helpful government assistance through the U.S. Social Security Disability benefits program.

Neurological disorders covered by social security disability

Living with a disability can be a serious challenge. Whether the problem is congenital or a result of an accident, a disability can keep a person from working, from being active and sometimes even in need of care. Assistance during those times is expensive. That is why there are social security disability benefits for those in need.

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