Because of the nature of our disability practice, many of our clients have existing health challenges.

With an abundance of caution during the corona-virus pandemic, our law firm is conducting all business via phone.

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Indiana Disability Legal Blog

Veteran compensation benefit vs. veteran pension benefit

The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs offers various benefits to veterans and their families. These tax-free benefits can ease the financial burden for disabled veterans who are unable to work due to their disabilities or who require assistance with daily living...

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Veteran’s Disability Benefits

A disabled person is entitled to several Social Security benefits, particularly if they become disabled while working. Therefore, it is essential to understand the procedures and standards used by the Social Security Administration to determine eligibility for...

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7 Reasons the VA may deny your claim

The United States of Veteran Affairs (VA) may deny your claims for several different reasons. In fact, the VA denies up to 30% of the claims annually. It is therefore important to understand the reasons behind the denial of benefits. The VA does not provide feedback...

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Disability compensation for POW

Being a soldier takes a significant toll on both the mind and the body. Despite the hardship and stress associated with active deployment, spending time as a prisoner of war (POW) is perhaps the most negatively impactful situation a soldier can find themselves in.  If...

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Can I still receive VA disability if I move overseas?

Serving in the military can involve traveling and moving from country to country. Subsequently, it is not uncommon for many veterans to move out of the country. Settling overseas is exciting, but it has its fair share of challenges (language barrier, culture shock and...

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