Because of the nature of our disability practice, many of our clients have existing health challenges.

With an abundance of caution during the corona-virus pandemic, our law firm is conducting all business via phone.

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Indiana Disability Legal Blog

Eligibility for assisted living veteran benefits in Indiana

Sometimes veterans with a disability (acquired in the line of duty) might become unable to live independently. In this case, they would require assisted living care to help with daily activities involving personal hygiene, meal preparation, transport, etc.  For this...

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Veterans’ benefits and toxic exposure

Veterans in Indiana should know that an important change may be coming to the world of veterans' benefits. Current regulations force people to prove that they were exposed to toxicity that caused an illness while serving. However, the VA may add burn pits and other...

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How do you prepare for a VA board hearing?

When you file for veterans' benefits in Indiana, the Veterans Administration might decline your request. However, this doesn't mean that the battle is over. You can appeal the decision and possibly have it overturned so that you can get the benefits you're entitled...

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Common reasons why veterans’ benefits claims are denied

Veterans living in Indiana can be entitled to a wide range of health care benefits. However, just because you filed a claim doesn't mean you'll receive care. In fact, thousands of claims are denied every year for various reasons. Here are some of the most common...

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