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Your cancer diagnosis could be a disabling condition

Cancer is a disease that can require debilitating treatments, some of which may rob you of your quality of life, including your ability to work. In addition to your medical condition, the inability to work can have a significant negative impact on your life. Your situation may be overwhelming, but you have options. As a person with a disabling medical condition, you may be able to get certain benefits through the Social Security Administration.

When applying for benefits, how can you prove your disability?

If you are unable to work due to a disabling medical condition, you know you may have a rightful claim to certain benefits. However, disability benefits are not easy to secure and many people find that their first claim comes back denied. If you believe you have a claim to these benefits, it can be helpful to learn more about how the process works.

The differences between SSI and SSDI and why they matter

It is a significant problem when a person is unable to work due to a disabling mental or physical condition. As an Indiana adult, this has a direct effect on a person's ability to provide for himself or herself, live independently and provide for his or her family. Fortunately, disabled individuals have the option to seek financial support through one of the two programs offered by the Social Security Administration. 

Qualifying for SSD when you have a mental illness

You may have spent most of your life trying to understand your mental illness, and now you feel like you have to convince the rest of the world how serious it can be. If you suffer from bipolar disorder or another chronic affective disorder, you know how it can interfere with every aspect of your life. It may disrupt relationships, taint your interests and hinder you from making plans for the future.

My Request For Reconsideration Was Denied, What Happens Next?

So much work and time went into building your claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, which makes it discouraging when your claim gets denied. Even more time and documentation goes into a request for reconsideration of your claim.

Why Is Impairment Duration Important?

The duration of your injury is one of the defining factors of whether or not your Social Security disability claim continues to move through the determination process. Even if your impairment is severe, a successful application must also provide comprehensive and convincing documentation related to the duration of your impairment.

Appealing A Denied SSD Claim

From a construction worker who has worked construction for 30 years to a 20-year veteran nurse, many residents who live in and around the Indianapolis metro have jobs that are physically demanding. Even in cases where an individual is fortunate enough to escape suffering a serious work accident or major injury, over time,  repetitive movements like bending, lifting, twisting and even standing for long periods of time can lead to painful and debilitating injuries and conditions that can make it difficult to impossible to work.

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