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Are You Eligible For VA Community Care?

Veterans in need of medical attention or examinations often rely on their local VA. Unfortunately, not all veterans have the option. It may be that they are nowhere near a facility, or that the facility near them is unable to provide for their health care demands. Whatever the reason, when a veteran is unable to find the care they need, they may be eligible for VA Community Care.

VA Community Care allows for qualifying veterans to receive health care attention from a local provider. VA Community Care may be especially beneficial to disabled veterans whose condition requires complex examinations or whose condition hinders them from long-distance traveling.

VA uses certain criteria to determine eligibility for community care. You may qualify if you meet one of the following:

  • It is in your best medical interest.
  • VA is unable to provide medical attention within access standards.
  • VA finds a service does not meet quality standards.
  • There is no VA with full medical services in your state.
  • You were grandfathered into eligibility for distance provisions via the Veterans Choice Program.
  • The service that you need is unavailable at your VA facility.

If you believe you are eligible, you must first get approval from VA prior to visiting your local provider.

Additionally, you must be enrolled in, or eligible for, VA health care.

Once approved, you may then schedule an appointment with a health care provider, given it is in the VA’s network.