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America In The Top 10 For Most Stressed Countries

A recent report points to stress as something many Americans are struggling with in today’s world. In this research, 150,000 people were surveyed and interviewed about their mental health. These people came from over 140 countries. Using the findings from this survey, the report estimated stress levels in different places across the globe.

The research found that around 55 percent of Americans reported suffering from stress. This put the U.S. among the ten most stressed nations on the planet. Specifically, it ranked No. 7.

Why do you think stress levels are so high here in the U.S.?

Stress and anxiety can take a major toll on a person. This can pose significant challenges for individuals who suffer from anxiety/stress-related mental conditions.

Mental illness is not uncommon here in U.S. It is estimated that at least one-fifth of Americans suffer from mental conditions, such as anxiety disorders. Sometimes, the stress, anxiety and other hardships connected to these conditions rise to such high levels that they prevent people from being able to work.

When individuals experience disabling mental illnesses that keep them from being able to stay in the workforce, they may have significant concerns about their financial stability and future. It is important to know that there are potential sources of help on this front. One is the Social Security disability program. Mental conditions are among the impairments that can make a person eligible for benefits from this program. Individuals looking into making a claim for such benefits can go to skilled attorneys for advice and guidance on their options and the process.