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Aid &Attendance (A&A) Vs. Housebound Benefits

Veterans may receive Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits in addition to their monthly VA pension benefit. These enhanced benefits are available for veterans in-home care, nursing home or assisted living.

For you to receive these enhanced monthly pensions, you must first be eligible for a VA pension. However, veterans who qualify for a higher income limit and are not eligible for basic pension may still receive the special benefits. It is a bit hard to receive both A&A and Housebound benefits simultaneously. The following article covers everything you need to know about A&A and Housebound benefits, including their eligibility and how to apply for them.

Aid & Attendance benefits

The VA pays A&A benefits to eligible veterans or surviving spouses. You may qualify for the benefits if one of the following is true;

  • You cannot perform normal daily activities such as taking a meal or bathing.
  • You have a disability that requires you to remain in bed.
  • You have been admitted to a nursing home due to physical incapacity or mental illness.
  • You have limited eyesight even with your glasses.

Housebound benefits

Housebound benefits are paid to permanently disabled veterans who are unable to move out of their homes. The requirements for the benefits include:

  • A permanent disability rated as 100% disabling. The disability also makes it impossible for you to move to other places, and thus, remain confined to their immediate location. A housebound residence could be a personal residence, a nursing home or an assisted living facility.
  • A permanent disability rated as 100% disabling and other disability rated as 60% or more disabling.

How to apply for Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits

Application for these enhanced benefits is done online through filing and mailing a completed VA Form 21-2680 to the Pension Management Center in your state. You can also apply in person by submitting your documents to the VA office near you. It is essential to have your doctor fill in the details on the examination information page. Other vital things to include in your application include:

  • You must provide copies of any evidence that shows that you are eligible for A&A or Housebound benefits.
  • Information on how you carry out your normal daily activities and how you move to places
  • Evidence of disease, mental or physical disability or injury makes you unable to do typical activities like bathing, dressing or feeding.

If you have questions about veterans benefits, an experienced lawyer can help.