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About The Veterans Benefits Fairness And Transparency Act Of 2020

Veterans in Illinois and other states may have spent years of their lives fighting for the country. To ensure that veterans receive the benefits they deserve after the risks they took, Congress created the Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act of 2020. You can find out more about this legislation below.

Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act of 2020

Sometimes, veterans choose to seek health care or disability services from a provider that is not part of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans’ benefits should still apply in these instances, but this may prove difficult when providers do not have access to the benefits questionnaires required. This new legislation enforces that the Department of Veteran Affairs will always publish the latest version of this form on its website for all to see.

About the Department of Veterans Affairs

It is important to understand the Department of Veterans Affairs to appreciate the significance of the new law. This Cabinet department handles all veterans’ benefits. The department did not exist within the cabinet until 1989, but veterans received benefits as early as 1930. The department covers benefits regarding:

  • Health care
  • Social and vocational rehabilitation
  • Educational help
  • Mortgages for veterans

Getting help from a lawyer

It is important that you receive your veterans’ benefits after all that you have done for the United States. This is true even if you do not use a Veterans Affairs provider. If you need to file a claim to receive your benefits, you may want to contact a lawyer to assist you. Your lawyer should have knowledge of this new act by Congress and work to ensure that you can use your benefits wherever you need to.