If you have recently filed for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and they were denied, it’s safe to say that you are disappointed, frustrated and confused. There are quite a few reasons why your benefits claim might have been denied. Today, we will take a look at those reasons.

A common reason why claims are denied is because the person’s disability is based on the consumption of alcohol or drugs. The SSA will approve claims for those who suffer from mental or emotional issues that stem from prior alcohol or drug abuse. The SSA will not approve claims if it deems that simply removing the alcohol or drugs from your routine would mean you would no longer be disabled.

There’s also a possibility that you make too much money, which is why your claim was denied by the SSA. The SSA sets a limit, known as the substantial gain activity level, that prevents certain people from acquiring benefits due to their income. If you hit this level you will not be deemed disabled to the extent that you require financial assistance.

The SSA will look into each claim to determine if the claimant followed the orders issued by their doctor. If you strayed from the doctor’s orders your claim will likely be denied.

If your disability is associated with criminal activity in any way, your claim will be denied by the SSA.

If you recently had a disability benefits claim denied by the SSA it’s best to speak with an experienced supplemental security income attorney about your claim in Indianapolis.

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