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Ask yourself these questions before claiming disability

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | The Claims Process

Suffering an injury or illness that puts you out of work for any amount of time can be overwhelming. You might not know where the money will come from when it’s time to pay the bills. You might also begin to pile up debt due to being out of work. This is a situation that can wreak havoc on your emotions and cause quite a bit of stress. Be sure you ask yourself the following questions prior to filing for Social Security disability.

When should I apply for benefits? You should apply for benefits when you no longer can work due to your condition. If you have enough medical evidence to support your claim, it’s best to apply in order to get the ball rolling.

Who can apply for benefits? Anyone who suffers and illness or injury that will prevent them from working for a period of at least 12 months should apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

How do I apply for benefits? You can apply by yourself, but most people who do so typically have their claim denied the first time and have to file a subsequent time. You also have the option of filing using the help of a Social Security attorney.

Why should I apply for benefits? You should apply for benefits because you likely need the income on a month-to-month basis due to being out of work. You receive extra benefits if you have dependents under the age of 18 living in your home.

Are you unsure if you should file for Social Security disability in Indianapolis? Speak with a Social Security attorney about your situation so you can make an informed decision about filing.

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