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Expediting a disability hearing is something that many lawyers promise when they cannot possibly deliver. At the Law Office of Jim McKown, we never make promises we cannot fulfill. However, we do use our extensive experience in SSD law to do everything we can to expedite a hearing. We understand the urgency. We know that you are struggling to support yourself and your family, and you can count on us to act fast at our end.

At the very start, we will educate you about the time frames involved, so at least the waiting will not catch you by surprise. We will always keep you updated on your disability claim status. Still, we understand that the waiting can be stressful. We want you to know that we will be there for you at all times. If you have questions about expediting your hearing in Indiana, we are here for you.

What Can Be Done to Speed Up the Process?

Simply acting fast can make a big difference. We work quickly to gather all of the necessary documents and take the required steps. Delays in the reconsideration process or in requesting a disability hearing will obviously result in more waiting. We avoid such delays.

There is also a method that involves telling the administrative law judge handling the hearing that there is a hardship and requesting that your name be moved up the list. Unfortunately, the reality is that everyone on the list is facing a hardship, so this method is rarely successful. More likely to succeed is a request for an on-the-record decision, which is a decision made by a judge without a full disability hearing.

Should You Go To Your Member of Congress?

People frequently ask us if they should go to their congressman or congresswoman with their request to expedite their hearing. While we do not stop people from taking this step, in our decades of practice we have rarely seen this step pay off.

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